Thursday, January 6, 2011


2011 has just opened up its window..
Kinda looking forward to seek more happiness + success instead of blooming darkness..
New Year Eve..
I was so surprised receiving your greetings text message..
Not just because of it has been awhile..
But it's about the triangle that I was stated before..
* If only you know what kinda of triangle that has been killing me all this while *
Nevermind as I am used to it..
Seems like we're in the OFF & ON switching mode..
Then things had slowly started to be like it used to be..
All I need is guts, as you said..
Yes, guts to face the future challenges ahead regardless of their difficulties..
Two days ago..
I received an email from the administration..
Shocked + surprised + happy + nervous + anxious etc..
It's about the post promotion application applied in August 2010..
Now, the process will continue with the candidate's validation & interviews..
Through it, I am quite reserved and moderate..
Neither to be exaggerate nor highly hope..
Still preparing the documents required for validation + googling the latest news in town for the interviews..
So, if you both panels happen to read this, watch out!
Because I'll be presenting the best of me next Monday!

# date with the Malaysia 4th Chocolate Festival @ MIVEC this weekend, see you there ;)

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