Tuesday, January 25, 2011


What's So Funny About Guys!?

  • We may look and act different, but we can all be dickheads when we want to: The Dicktionary: College Guys Defined
  • Even if we're the size of a dwarf, we'll still threaten to kick your ass: 11 Awesome Things About Being a Bouncer
  • Most of us have one dance move and it includes a lot of ass-grabbing: Guy's Guide to "Making Your Move"
  • Aside from the famous artists from a long time ago, hardly any of us are creative: 47 Valentine's Day Rules for Guys
  • Our brains don't function on thoughts, they function on hormones: The Mind of a Single Guy, Part 2
  • Even though we really don't know who it really is, none of us want to be "THAT guy": Don't Be THAT GUY
  • We'll never admit we're extremely drunk: Drunken Personality Study: "I Am Not Drunk" Guy
  • We're easier than Britney Spears: How to Get Any Guy You Want
  • Our apartments are the most relaxed setting you will ever see in your entire life: The Time-Honored College Apartment
  • The creepy, mysterious ones always seem to get laid: How to Be the Creepy Guy on Campus
# watchout girls! hahaha!

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