Friday, July 31, 2009


23:30 hours..
Received a phone call from my dad telling that my uncle (which was my mom's eldest bro) had just passed on due to the heart attacked at the age of 60..
It was a huge shocked to all of the family members and friends since he didnt act anything weird or shown anything that is out of mind recently as he seems to become more happy + more talkative + more calm + cool (previously, he was so opposite of those characters)..
More over, he just got married (for the 2nd time to a virgin 44 years old lady) in early this month ~ July 4, 2009 (this was the last time I met him)
The whole of family members gathered as early as midnite at my aunt's place to express condolonces and the Surah Yassin recital could be listened from all over the house..
The body was still in the hospital's mortuary to let the autopsy proceeded before his beloved wedded wive came up to claim early this morning..
Brought back home to give a one last moment of respect by others before the funeral @ about 11:00 hours..
Luckily it was a shiny day but the body escorts by a lot of tears as usual to the graveyard..
I'd tried not to but mom's tears failed me off..
The cliche..
As most people said 'God loves him more than we do'..
* May he rest in peace and God bless..Amin

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Snippet ~ A H1N1

A H1N1 Virus:-

The most popular topic that everyone in the world is talking about, finally attacked to my workplace..

According to the administration office, there were numbers of A H1N1 victims had shown those positive symptoms plus an increasing of dengue fever to make it worst..

Had a full screening done by the Health of Department since the last few days, and the board meeting is held now in the conference room to discuss any possible precaution action that will be taken in order to prevent the additional numbers of A H1N1 and dengue victims..

And now @ 15:52 hours..

It has been CONFIRMED!!

The workplace is going to be officially closed for 1 week due to the A H1N1 and dengue!!


There'll be a lot of things pending and the most importantly is the major event of The 3rd FIRA Malaysia Cup 2009 is absolutely POSTPONED!!

* to all my fellow friends, please aware of your healthcare and hygiene during the off period..follow all the instructions given by the Health Ministry as the above figure..MAY GOD BLESS US!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


I am back on track again..
After a week leaving back my workstation with loads of pending docs., I haven't set a workaholic mood today ~ as what people called it Monday Blues ;-)
Plus, it was really a cloudy yet rainy day that brings me strongly to the top of the most favorite disease in workplace ~ LAZINESS!!
Talking about a lot of things that happened when I'm off awhile from blogging..
As stated in the previous post entry, I was off for another skills training on Mould Design using the NX-6 software, which compiling TouchPad Digital Sketches + AutoCAD + CAE and it was so damn good enough until I ended up found that technology DO really helpful nowadays in engineering field..
I was so impressed by myself looking at my very own design of pattern (which was a cardholder) completely with the mould within just a week!!
Well, need to sharpen up the skills as well to get better and improve on it, rite!!
Thanks to the NX-6 software again!!
Over it on Friday and went to the Paintball field for the Malacca Road Tour training this coming Aug 1 & 2 (perhaps I could make it thou..huhu)
Again, I got another layered tanned skin - but what the heck on it!!
And the weekend ends up with me attending the engagement of Kasmin & Shima which was held in Springhill (I'm so happy for them thou there were a lot of barriers came up along the way to the beautiful moment of them)
The biggest thing that I do HATE the most right now is the bandwidth of this so called the No. 1 Broadband in Malaysia!!
Getting slower + slower + slower from day to day..
I guess it has been infected by the AH1N1 virus!!
Well, never being diagnose yet but the symptom similarly there..
And if that's so, then I should ask Sean Kingston to sing me..
'Somebody call 911, showty fire burning on the BROADBAND..uuwwoohooo!!'
* Everyone is talking about the passed of Yasmin Ahmad, who was amazed Malaysian with her beautiful pieces of films & ads..Let's pray for her good up there and may she rest in peace (Al-Fatihah)

Friday, July 17, 2009


It's Friday!!

At work..
Done with the proposal requested by the HOD..
Preparing docs etc. for another outstation next week (sigh!!)
Celebrating BFF's birthday by the way with American Choc cake (yummy delicious!!)

Counting a few hours more to meet weekend..
The Shout! Awards tonite @ Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil (RSVP)
Favorite team of Man United will be playing against our Malaysian team tomorrow @ 1730 hrs (trying hard to make it!!)



Not in the mood of blogging :-(
I'm fighting myself with alot of feelings..
Which I dont even know how to handle it sometimes..
Oh GOD! Please help me through it..
Guide me to the right path of life..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's a new week..
3 days had passed through smoothly..

New mood..
New emotion..
New spirit..

Positive thinking & smile made me through the days ;-)

Thursday, July 9, 2009


What a boring day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My day's doom..

Emotionally unstabled..

Life's a bit miserable these days..


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back to Nature - Final Part

Those were the activities..
Mini XPDC of Kayaking & Horse Riding..

* finally..I managed to get my tanned skin until went back home when my mom ask me infront of the door "OMG!!..You're back..I thought that 'anak keling' mana tadi yang salah masuk rumah"..and I'm pasrah!!

Back to Nature - Part 2

Those were the Almighty's creatures I found..
What a wonderful scene and thank God for giving me a pair of eyes to see and believe it..

* next..will be the entry of the activities I did over there..

Back to Nature - Part 1

Hi fellows..
Here I am..
Back from nature..
This is where I went..
6D 5N @ Gemas, Negeri Sembilan..

* next entry will feature of what I found while in there..