Tuesday, April 19, 2011


  • Life as we know it - been through a lot of things lately
  • There were good & bad - swallow them deeply
  • A few paperwork need to be review & revise - as usual
  • Took a few day off during weekend for a short hiking - Broga Hill & Tabur Hill - awesome view!
  • Managed the final project event + Robot Competition - done well!
  • Warded for a week due to a viral feverish - thanks a lot to someone who is really taking care of me instead of mom & dad - really appreciated it & thank God, everything was fine.
  • A good friend of mine is getting married, finally! - congrats bro! 
  • Back at work now - messy workload on the desk + settling coursework + income tax e-Filing + final exam review
  • Preparing paperwork for the next trip - Sungai Tabung @ Kuala Tahan 3 days 2 nights back to nature adventure happens end of this month
# Happy Newly Weds to a good friend, Naff & Miza - May both live happily ever after & God bless!