Friday, January 20, 2012



As for today, it started with cats & dogs rain early in the morning on the way to work.
Effecting mood of working a bit as well.
Others are counting on the clock to spend the long weekend.
Chinese are already off for their CNY celebration.

In January.

MQA's workshop to the updating documents, etc.
Preparation for a two-days programming course to academic staffs.
Interview session with those practical students for their assessment.
Attending cousin's engagement in JOHOR.
Meeting. Meeting. and Meeting. - with or without results.
Lecture. Lecture. and Lecture - full packed daily.
Bring it on! Bring me pressure! and Bring me a Nescafe 3 in 1 to energize!

# happy 1st month engagement anniversary to my hunnyberry ;)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


2011 had just leave us behind with lots of memories.
Ups and downs in life and career.
Thank God, for given me another chance to live and fill the life with good things.

And as for 2012, here's the new beginning of being me.
There will be so many plans to execute, God will!
Furthering studies.
Restructuring my career development. 
Applying for promotion, AGAIN!
Put on a shape.
And most of all, settle down to Alice the Vampire.

In short, the year of 2012 is going to be another busy hectic year of me in order to survive well ahead.

# short refreshment with marlboro light while blogging..

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Facts of Ramadhan 2011 :-
  • Alarm clock at 4.30 am, but normally wake up at 5.00 am!
  • Having a plate of heavy meals, next will be cereals + breads / oats for sahur..
  • Will definitely go to bed again after Subuh even just for a while..
  • Less talk + stable emotion during working time..
  • Love to breaking the fast at home daily, rather than going out for the buffet tasting, etc..
  • Daily routine - having a mug of hot nescafe + performing Maghrib + heavy meals of breakfast..
  • Tarawikh prayer - almost every night, Insya Allah..
  • Meals for moreh - McD / murtabak / fried noodles / hot tea..
..and resulted my weight gain drastically!!

# tips : those who wanna do some shop to prepare for the Eid festive, do not going out to the mall during weekend on Ramadhan, it's terribly HOT + CROWDED + MESSED!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Greeting peeps!

It's fasting month of Ramadhan again, and yeah by the time I wrote this it's already in day 11..

Haha, I guess that everyone can't stop talking & telling others about their fasting experiences + how their preparation for the break fast..

Well, it almost the same goes with me daily except not stepping my foot to the PARAM yet (hate to get stuck in the crowd)

Above all, whatever we do during our fasting & whatever we have during break fast, always remember with those unfortunate people out there..

Perhaps, we will be blessed & shower with grace from Allah..
Don't be such a waste, but be a sober in this holy month..

# catch u up later yeah!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


- July wrapped up -

Attended a few in-house & external courses to fulfill the ministry's KPI of 10 days by Oct, thou I've already reached more than that..

Well, so many things happened..

In life, career & etc..

Being a workaholic sometimes brings me to the world of disaster..

I had another phase of HOT feverish + lost of energy + dehydrated..

But, thank God it all ends well so soon & things back to normal so far..

Later in the final week of July, or the day before Ramadhan to be exact, me + some friends were gathered together & this time we had dinner @ FULLHOUSE (one of the most favorite place to dine in town, BUT not for us! Services were good, with cozy environment but with lack of variety foods. Still wondering why there were so many peeps in there!)

Monday, June 13, 2011


Last night..
Watching some news + favorite shows on tv..
Where I come to realize that I'm living in an unhealthy environment, all this while..
Been exposed to a lot of bad factors..
Diseases + Human bad behavior + most of all, Political provocation..
Which I think is the utmost of all issues..
Do they really enjoying themselves by doing all that stuffs?
I mean, provoking others by telling those bad things about people who you've been with for a long time?
They should be more sensitive of others' feelings as well as it's so unhealthy by attacking the opponents through this kind of ways..
They're professionals too, by the way! Should act like one!
Is this how it should be? Here? In Malaysia?
Use an appropriate weapons to shoot them up and PLAY CLEAN, FAIR & SQUARE!
To those medias, please show some courtesy by not publishing all this kind of crappy stuffs just to gain profit + highest traffic!
It's not gonna work anymore, nowadays..
So, please STOP all these matter and back to where we are..
The real agenda of our 1st man, long time ago..
  • No one will get hurt, physically + emotionally
  • That is how the world look at us!
  • We live in a unique country, with lots of ethnicity, races + religious thinking, which makes us so special from others
  • That's how we're suppose to be, anyway!
May God bless us with His most blissful gift to a better life!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hectic weeks to go
Started with a two days workshop on Outcomes Based Education (OBE) 
Day 1 seems a bit confused & lots of arguments
But had a good digest of foodies
Day 2 will be tomorrow, but mom asked to send her to the Takaful HQ - insurance claim! while lil' bro is gonna attend an interview - both happens in KL!
Career Development meeting with a bossy 'Dr.' next week - boring + sarcastic!
Another CPCM course to conduct end of the month - somewhere in Nilai for a week!
More headache to suffer + more food to digest, again!
I need a sweet & cuddly hug now, anyone? ;-)