Monday, June 13, 2011


Last night..
Watching some news + favorite shows on tv..
Where I come to realize that I'm living in an unhealthy environment, all this while..
Been exposed to a lot of bad factors..
Diseases + Human bad behavior + most of all, Political provocation..
Which I think is the utmost of all issues..
Do they really enjoying themselves by doing all that stuffs?
I mean, provoking others by telling those bad things about people who you've been with for a long time?
They should be more sensitive of others' feelings as well as it's so unhealthy by attacking the opponents through this kind of ways..
They're professionals too, by the way! Should act like one!
Is this how it should be? Here? In Malaysia?
Use an appropriate weapons to shoot them up and PLAY CLEAN, FAIR & SQUARE!
To those medias, please show some courtesy by not publishing all this kind of crappy stuffs just to gain profit + highest traffic!
It's not gonna work anymore, nowadays..
So, please STOP all these matter and back to where we are..
The real agenda of our 1st man, long time ago..
  • No one will get hurt, physically + emotionally
  • That is how the world look at us!
  • We live in a unique country, with lots of ethnicity, races + religious thinking, which makes us so special from others
  • That's how we're suppose to be, anyway!
May God bless us with His most blissful gift to a better life!

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