Sunday, July 31, 2011


- July wrapped up -

Attended a few in-house & external courses to fulfill the ministry's KPI of 10 days by Oct, thou I've already reached more than that..

Well, so many things happened..

In life, career & etc..

Being a workaholic sometimes brings me to the world of disaster..

I had another phase of HOT feverish + lost of energy + dehydrated..

But, thank God it all ends well so soon & things back to normal so far..

Later in the final week of July, or the day before Ramadhan to be exact, me + some friends were gathered together & this time we had dinner @ FULLHOUSE (one of the most favorite place to dine in town, BUT not for us! Services were good, with cozy environment but with lack of variety foods. Still wondering why there were so many peeps in there!)