Thursday, August 18, 2011


Facts of Ramadhan 2011 :-
  • Alarm clock at 4.30 am, but normally wake up at 5.00 am!
  • Having a plate of heavy meals, next will be cereals + breads / oats for sahur..
  • Will definitely go to bed again after Subuh even just for a while..
  • Less talk + stable emotion during working time..
  • Love to breaking the fast at home daily, rather than going out for the buffet tasting, etc..
  • Daily routine - having a mug of hot nescafe + performing Maghrib + heavy meals of breakfast..
  • Tarawikh prayer - almost every night, Insya Allah..
  • Meals for moreh - McD / murtabak / fried noodles / hot tea..
..and resulted my weight gain drastically!!

# tips : those who wanna do some shop to prepare for the Eid festive, do not going out to the mall during weekend on Ramadhan, it's terribly HOT + CROWDED + MESSED!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Greeting peeps!

It's fasting month of Ramadhan again, and yeah by the time I wrote this it's already in day 11..

Haha, I guess that everyone can't stop talking & telling others about their fasting experiences + how their preparation for the break fast..

Well, it almost the same goes with me daily except not stepping my foot to the PARAM yet (hate to get stuck in the crowd)

Above all, whatever we do during our fasting & whatever we have during break fast, always remember with those unfortunate people out there..

Perhaps, we will be blessed & shower with grace from Allah..
Don't be such a waste, but be a sober in this holy month..

# catch u up later yeah!!