Thursday, July 30, 2009

Snippet ~ A H1N1

A H1N1 Virus:-

The most popular topic that everyone in the world is talking about, finally attacked to my workplace..

According to the administration office, there were numbers of A H1N1 victims had shown those positive symptoms plus an increasing of dengue fever to make it worst..

Had a full screening done by the Health of Department since the last few days, and the board meeting is held now in the conference room to discuss any possible precaution action that will be taken in order to prevent the additional numbers of A H1N1 and dengue victims..

And now @ 15:52 hours..

It has been CONFIRMED!!

The workplace is going to be officially closed for 1 week due to the A H1N1 and dengue!!


There'll be a lot of things pending and the most importantly is the major event of The 3rd FIRA Malaysia Cup 2009 is absolutely POSTPONED!!

* to all my fellow friends, please aware of your healthcare and hygiene during the off period..follow all the instructions given by the Health Ministry as the above figure..MAY GOD BLESS US!!


areila sahimi said...

fuyyoo...kalo menteri kesihatan terbaca n3 ni sure bangga giler...ada gak yg prihatin untuk menangani penularan virus sesema babi ni.. congrats bro!!! bersama-sama kita menanganinya
*artikel pasal aedes tader ker?*

marlborolite said...

yeah rite!!
it's just a piece of sharing thought..

aedes? google it later on ok