Monday, July 27, 2009


I am back on track again..
After a week leaving back my workstation with loads of pending docs., I haven't set a workaholic mood today ~ as what people called it Monday Blues ;-)
Plus, it was really a cloudy yet rainy day that brings me strongly to the top of the most favorite disease in workplace ~ LAZINESS!!
Talking about a lot of things that happened when I'm off awhile from blogging..
As stated in the previous post entry, I was off for another skills training on Mould Design using the NX-6 software, which compiling TouchPad Digital Sketches + AutoCAD + CAE and it was so damn good enough until I ended up found that technology DO really helpful nowadays in engineering field..
I was so impressed by myself looking at my very own design of pattern (which was a cardholder) completely with the mould within just a week!!
Well, need to sharpen up the skills as well to get better and improve on it, rite!!
Thanks to the NX-6 software again!!
Over it on Friday and went to the Paintball field for the Malacca Road Tour training this coming Aug 1 & 2 (perhaps I could make it thou..huhu)
Again, I got another layered tanned skin - but what the heck on it!!
And the weekend ends up with me attending the engagement of Kasmin & Shima which was held in Springhill (I'm so happy for them thou there were a lot of barriers came up along the way to the beautiful moment of them)
The biggest thing that I do HATE the most right now is the bandwidth of this so called the No. 1 Broadband in Malaysia!!
Getting slower + slower + slower from day to day..
I guess it has been infected by the AH1N1 virus!!
Well, never being diagnose yet but the symptom similarly there..
And if that's so, then I should ask Sean Kingston to sing me..
'Somebody call 911, showty fire burning on the BROADBAND..uuwwoohooo!!'
* Everyone is talking about the passed of Yasmin Ahmad, who was amazed Malaysian with her beautiful pieces of films & ads..Let's pray for her good up there and may she rest in peace (Al-Fatihah)

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