Friday, July 31, 2009


23:30 hours..
Received a phone call from my dad telling that my uncle (which was my mom's eldest bro) had just passed on due to the heart attacked at the age of 60..
It was a huge shocked to all of the family members and friends since he didnt act anything weird or shown anything that is out of mind recently as he seems to become more happy + more talkative + more calm + cool (previously, he was so opposite of those characters)..
More over, he just got married (for the 2nd time to a virgin 44 years old lady) in early this month ~ July 4, 2009 (this was the last time I met him)
The whole of family members gathered as early as midnite at my aunt's place to express condolonces and the Surah Yassin recital could be listened from all over the house..
The body was still in the hospital's mortuary to let the autopsy proceeded before his beloved wedded wive came up to claim early this morning..
Brought back home to give a one last moment of respect by others before the funeral @ about 11:00 hours..
Luckily it was a shiny day but the body escorts by a lot of tears as usual to the graveyard..
I'd tried not to but mom's tears failed me off..
The cliche..
As most people said 'God loves him more than we do'..
* May he rest in peace and God bless..Amin

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