Monday, January 17, 2011


Ended up with hectic + terrible week..
Had received a phone called from a friend of mine who is much older of age..
Lending an ear to listen about things happened in life..
After all this while, I really thought that this friend is working permanently with one of the private higher institution..
Turns out to be that this friend is just a contract basis staff instead, waiting every three months ahead to get to renew the contract agreement..
Up till last night, where everything's revealed, this friend is going to make the next move of career, to look up for a permanent job, finally..
Came from a little countryside of Penang and not so rich, this friend is a BBA degree holder..
Asked me for a help, in a way of how and where to send the resume with the application and cover letter..
I was sat back and take a deep breathe..
Why the hell in this world that this friend is really put a trust on me with this matter?
We never had a truly conversation, not even meet in person before..
And most of all, why that this friend is finally decided to step ahead for the career development at the age of 36 in 2011?
Just trying to look at it in a positive way..
When I was digging up deeply the matters of this friend, I found out that the major factor is about money (in terms of savings) and not to mentioned, this friend is going to further with the MBA by using own pocket money..
Told this friend to register with for further details..
Some motivation given, and I hope it works..
All I need now, is to do some virtual tutorials of preparing resume, docs etc., to ensure that everything's gonna be exactly fulfill the requirement needed..
Praying all the best while spending more times to help in searching of new employment out there..

#  if any employers who happens to read this, please contact me A.S.A.P. ;)

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