Friday, January 21, 2011


Time : 15:24 hours
Location : Home Sweet Home

I was just had my brunch and lying down on a couch..
Switching on the lappy..
Texting with some friends..
And suddenly..
The cellphone's ringing..
Displaying a caller from someone whom I knew and closed to be with..
Picked up the call then..
Hello there! What's up?
Hi! Errkk, did u know about it yet?
What? I mean, about what?
**** is getting married soon!
Soon means very soon!
Why didn't u hint me lately?
After all, **** is your good friend, rite?
Seriously, I didn't know anything hell about it!
[ face was, infact is just like the smiley icon above..SHOCKED + SURPRISED ]
Yeah, I knew that **** is seeing someone recently, but up to the extend of getting married? Damn, I've no idea at all!
So, are u telling me that your tears are falling down now or what?
Hahaha, hell NO!
Hmm, just let go of ****, u've told me before rite?
Yup, that's the mouth's says but not the heart anyway, hahaha!
I tell u what here, move on + be strong + chill + start a new life..
Yup, u are rite then, I have to move on no matter what and let bad things passes me on as I don't bother it at all..
Thinking after awhile..
Why am I not being told about this earlier?
Blur + blank + !@#$%^&*

# looking back on how important the friendship means but not for u, i guess!

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