Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Top 10 Funny Things About Girls!
  • They won't watch porn with us but they'll make out with their friend: Girls Kissing Girls, for God and Country
  • They can be the hardest things to get in life: Get 'Em While They're Hot
  • There's nothing funnier than a girl that's a hardcore snorer: An Open Letter to the Snoring Girl
  • They talk more than John Madden or any other sports announcer: Girl Talk
  • Unlike guys, they never get shot down when they ask someone to go out on a date with them: My Personal Helper Monkey
  • THAT girl is always the biggest slut everyone knows, not just a random geek: Don't Be THAT GIRL
  • For some reason, they have to give everything a nickname: Face to Facebook
  • Maybe it's because of their genes, but they always seem to ask extremely stupid questions: Stupid Questions Only Girls Ask
  • They won't admit it, but they can be bi-polar: The Six Girls You Meet in a Relationship
  • Whether you believe it or not, they're exactly like food: Girls are Like Food, Part 1: Appetizers
# funny guidance for guys in searching of their dream girls ;)

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