Monday, January 24, 2011


Top 10 Funny Things About Marriage!
  • Weddings are no longer about love and the combining of two souls because now it's all about the FREE BOOZE: Love is in the Air, Get a Gas Mask
  • Since homosexual people can do it, we can expect people to marry their pets anytime now: Straight Shooting on Gays
  • If your marriage ends badly, you can lose more money than you would at a casino: I Should Have Been a Marriage Counselor
  • Bad ones cause teachers to do terrible, terrible things: Teacher Accused of Sex with One Very Lucky Middle School Student
  • If you didn't get the chance to explore what's out there in the dating world before you get married, then you're officially screwed: Ask Nicole: Courting Disaster
  • Decades ago, young adults were all about it, but now it's just a nightmare we hope doesn't happen until we're 30: Four Down, Ten To Go
  • Since everyone has rights, people can get married to weird things, like blow-up dolls: My Blow-Up Doll Girlfriend is Not Marriage Material
  • They won't improve a guy's social status unless they find a stripper who's actually a virgin: Status Symbols: A Crash Course
  • The proposals are said to be an exciting thing to do, but only when she says "yes": Wedding Season
  • College students don't think about it until they realize that it's time to be mature and offer their loved one more than just sex: Yeah, We Met Online
# so, think before you get married ;)

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