Friday, January 28, 2011


Pathetic + sarcastic week!
To both of collegues cum good friends cum roomates at the office!
Kindly please together we work to maintain the cleanliness of our mini bar in the room..
I know it sounds a lil bit of chaos but like I care!
We work together as a team..
We share the room though separating by the pinky cubicles..
And most of all, we use the facility of the mini bar everyday TOGETHER..
All that I'm asking is just simple!
You drink, you do the dishwashing..
I do the routine of making tea for you both and for other resident guests as well, atleast show some responsibility to ensure those jug and mugs are clean enough to use for the next day..
Don't let them crying like hell asking to be clean up in the sinky..
Is that dying difficult for you both to do?
I'm kinda trying to hint lots of sign for it, but it seems like you both didn't really care about it..
You are neither deafth nor blind as far as I'm concerned..
So, please..
Let's working on it together as I'm F**KING shit tired enough to create anymore sins for cursing you both!
And to the top management of the division..
Will you guys please stand still to the things that have been decided in the so called meeting-at-the-golf-course?
We are freaking rats working for you down here in order to ensure things flowing according to the procedures, so do not simply rectify or do the last-minute-decision making a.k.a adhoc just because you are dying of the compliments from the minister!
Like I care enough!

# just about to send the resume to the Australian Embassy while this post written :P

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