Thursday, December 30, 2010


It's nearly end of the year 2010.
In just a few hours left, we'll say hi to the year of 2011.
I am sitting back here blogging at the office (take a break!) while flashing back what I've done or not being done for the whole year of 2010.
Well, I bet that everyone of us will do the same thing too, rite?
Evaluating and determining those plans that has been set up in order to settle them up before the window closed or just bring them forward to the next window of 2011.
As for me, there is nothing to be looking forward or back.
I am a person who is basically go with the flow of life.
Yes, it sounds so pathetic of me living without plans setting up, but who cares!
I just wanna be me.
The only me.
Though I've been given the deadlines of pursuing needs of beloved parents, still there's hope to be clearly seen soon for me to alter or manipulate ;)
As the end of the year seems to be quite near to the end, I did managed to conduct a few programmes of charity + outdoors + promotion roadtrips.
Tiring + hectic are my two bestfriends due to them.
Fortunately, it all had been successfully done smoothly.
Thanks + credits to those who were helping and in characters for making it succeed.
As time goes by, regardless of 2010 ends or 2011 begins, I am and will be happy with all peeps + things happen around me.
Thank God for giving me this opportunity to still breathe in and make up things for Him + parents + myself.
May 2011 will shining up the glowing splendour moments in our lives.

# Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday!

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