Friday, January 28, 2011


Pathetic + sarcastic week!
To both of collegues cum good friends cum roomates at the office!
Kindly please together we work to maintain the cleanliness of our mini bar in the room..
I know it sounds a lil bit of chaos but like I care!
We work together as a team..
We share the room though separating by the pinky cubicles..
And most of all, we use the facility of the mini bar everyday TOGETHER..
All that I'm asking is just simple!
You drink, you do the dishwashing..
I do the routine of making tea for you both and for other resident guests as well, atleast show some responsibility to ensure those jug and mugs are clean enough to use for the next day..
Don't let them crying like hell asking to be clean up in the sinky..
Is that dying difficult for you both to do?
I'm kinda trying to hint lots of sign for it, but it seems like you both didn't really care about it..
You are neither deafth nor blind as far as I'm concerned..
So, please..
Let's working on it together as I'm F**KING shit tired enough to create anymore sins for cursing you both!
And to the top management of the division..
Will you guys please stand still to the things that have been decided in the so called meeting-at-the-golf-course?
We are freaking rats working for you down here in order to ensure things flowing according to the procedures, so do not simply rectify or do the last-minute-decision making a.k.a adhoc just because you are dying of the compliments from the minister!
Like I care enough!

# just about to send the resume to the Australian Embassy while this post written :P

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


What's So Funny About Guys!?

  • We may look and act different, but we can all be dickheads when we want to: The Dicktionary: College Guys Defined
  • Even if we're the size of a dwarf, we'll still threaten to kick your ass: 11 Awesome Things About Being a Bouncer
  • Most of us have one dance move and it includes a lot of ass-grabbing: Guy's Guide to "Making Your Move"
  • Aside from the famous artists from a long time ago, hardly any of us are creative: 47 Valentine's Day Rules for Guys
  • Our brains don't function on thoughts, they function on hormones: The Mind of a Single Guy, Part 2
  • Even though we really don't know who it really is, none of us want to be "THAT guy": Don't Be THAT GUY
  • We'll never admit we're extremely drunk: Drunken Personality Study: "I Am Not Drunk" Guy
  • We're easier than Britney Spears: How to Get Any Guy You Want
  • Our apartments are the most relaxed setting you will ever see in your entire life: The Time-Honored College Apartment
  • The creepy, mysterious ones always seem to get laid: How to Be the Creepy Guy on Campus
# watchout girls! hahaha!


Top 10 Funny Things About Girls!
  • They won't watch porn with us but they'll make out with their friend: Girls Kissing Girls, for God and Country
  • They can be the hardest things to get in life: Get 'Em While They're Hot
  • There's nothing funnier than a girl that's a hardcore snorer: An Open Letter to the Snoring Girl
  • They talk more than John Madden or any other sports announcer: Girl Talk
  • Unlike guys, they never get shot down when they ask someone to go out on a date with them: My Personal Helper Monkey
  • THAT girl is always the biggest slut everyone knows, not just a random geek: Don't Be THAT GIRL
  • For some reason, they have to give everything a nickname: Face to Facebook
  • Maybe it's because of their genes, but they always seem to ask extremely stupid questions: Stupid Questions Only Girls Ask
  • They won't admit it, but they can be bi-polar: The Six Girls You Meet in a Relationship
  • Whether you believe it or not, they're exactly like food: Girls are Like Food, Part 1: Appetizers
# funny guidance for guys in searching of their dream girls ;)

Monday, January 24, 2011


Top 10 Funny Things About Marriage!
  • Weddings are no longer about love and the combining of two souls because now it's all about the FREE BOOZE: Love is in the Air, Get a Gas Mask
  • Since homosexual people can do it, we can expect people to marry their pets anytime now: Straight Shooting on Gays
  • If your marriage ends badly, you can lose more money than you would at a casino: I Should Have Been a Marriage Counselor
  • Bad ones cause teachers to do terrible, terrible things: Teacher Accused of Sex with One Very Lucky Middle School Student
  • If you didn't get the chance to explore what's out there in the dating world before you get married, then you're officially screwed: Ask Nicole: Courting Disaster
  • Decades ago, young adults were all about it, but now it's just a nightmare we hope doesn't happen until we're 30: Four Down, Ten To Go
  • Since everyone has rights, people can get married to weird things, like blow-up dolls: My Blow-Up Doll Girlfriend is Not Marriage Material
  • They won't improve a guy's social status unless they find a stripper who's actually a virgin: Status Symbols: A Crash Course
  • The proposals are said to be an exciting thing to do, but only when she says "yes": Wedding Season
  • College students don't think about it until they realize that it's time to be mature and offer their loved one more than just sex: Yeah, We Met Online
# so, think before you get married ;)


Top 10 Funny Things About Relationships!
  • There's more drama in them than an entire season of The Young and the Restless: Stop All This Relationship Drama
  • They can start on the internet and end on the internet: Yeah, We Met Online
  • You can find out weird things about your significant other, like how their farts smell like rotten eggs dipped in sour milk: Relationship Pitfalls
  • Even though we wish they were, they're never normal: Defining a Normal Relationship
  • A single one can feel like 20 because girls have split personalities: The Six Girls You Meet in a Relationship
  • They make some people feel extremely special on Facebook: Mini-Feed = Maxi-Frenzy
  • They're popular in high school, but once college comes around, they're usually extinct: The 10 Types of College Relationships
  • It's easier to cheat in one than on a test: Relationship Cheat Sheet
  • When the going gets tough, you can have a mutual one with a stripper: Always Come Clean on Strippers
  • They're easy as pie to start (yay sex!) but incredibly hard to end: Relationship Endings for Beginners
# hahaha!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Time : 15:24 hours
Location : Home Sweet Home

I was just had my brunch and lying down on a couch..
Switching on the lappy..
Texting with some friends..
And suddenly..
The cellphone's ringing..
Displaying a caller from someone whom I knew and closed to be with..
Picked up the call then..
Hello there! What's up?
Hi! Errkk, did u know about it yet?
What? I mean, about what?
**** is getting married soon!
Soon means very soon!
Why didn't u hint me lately?
After all, **** is your good friend, rite?
Seriously, I didn't know anything hell about it!
[ face was, infact is just like the smiley icon above..SHOCKED + SURPRISED ]
Yeah, I knew that **** is seeing someone recently, but up to the extend of getting married? Damn, I've no idea at all!
So, are u telling me that your tears are falling down now or what?
Hahaha, hell NO!
Hmm, just let go of ****, u've told me before rite?
Yup, that's the mouth's says but not the heart anyway, hahaha!
I tell u what here, move on + be strong + chill + start a new life..
Yup, u are rite then, I have to move on no matter what and let bad things passes me on as I don't bother it at all..
Thinking after awhile..
Why am I not being told about this earlier?
Blur + blank + !@#$%^&*

# looking back on how important the friendship means but not for u, i guess!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Wokeup this morning
Smiling for the wetdreams had lastnite + thank God for giving another chance to breathe and seize the beautiful day ahead
Set in mind before leaving to work with this :-

Everyone's deserve to be happy, and so do I ;)

# let us be happy through our life in 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011


Ended up with hectic + terrible week..
Had received a phone called from a friend of mine who is much older of age..
Lending an ear to listen about things happened in life..
After all this while, I really thought that this friend is working permanently with one of the private higher institution..
Turns out to be that this friend is just a contract basis staff instead, waiting every three months ahead to get to renew the contract agreement..
Up till last night, where everything's revealed, this friend is going to make the next move of career, to look up for a permanent job, finally..
Came from a little countryside of Penang and not so rich, this friend is a BBA degree holder..
Asked me for a help, in a way of how and where to send the resume with the application and cover letter..
I was sat back and take a deep breathe..
Why the hell in this world that this friend is really put a trust on me with this matter?
We never had a truly conversation, not even meet in person before..
And most of all, why that this friend is finally decided to step ahead for the career development at the age of 36 in 2011?
Just trying to look at it in a positive way..
When I was digging up deeply the matters of this friend, I found out that the major factor is about money (in terms of savings) and not to mentioned, this friend is going to further with the MBA by using own pocket money..
Told this friend to register with for further details..
Some motivation given, and I hope it works..
All I need now, is to do some virtual tutorials of preparing resume, docs etc., to ensure that everything's gonna be exactly fulfill the requirement needed..
Praying all the best while spending more times to help in searching of new employment out there..

#  if any employers who happens to read this, please contact me A.S.A.P. ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Validation & Interviews :-
Quite a tough week for me & other candidates..
We were such a bunch of people living in a rat world..
Struggling hard to meet every single requirements needed by the panels..
Personnel Strategic Plan?
What the hell is that gonna to with us?
We're not in the top management level whereby need to figure out and analyse every datas for them..
As a matter of fact, it's all in the system with just a click and you'll get anything!
Without any specific format of forms, up till now we are still hanging somewhere..
For the sake of transformation created by you..
And for the sake of our promotion..
Let us do our best for the outcome expected..
And on top of that, I am still not in a good condition..
Flu + coughs + fever come and go along this period of time..
I need S.O.S!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


2011 has just opened up its window..
Kinda looking forward to seek more happiness + success instead of blooming darkness..
New Year Eve..
I was so surprised receiving your greetings text message..
Not just because of it has been awhile..
But it's about the triangle that I was stated before..
* If only you know what kinda of triangle that has been killing me all this while *
Nevermind as I am used to it..
Seems like we're in the OFF & ON switching mode..
Then things had slowly started to be like it used to be..
All I need is guts, as you said..
Yes, guts to face the future challenges ahead regardless of their difficulties..
Two days ago..
I received an email from the administration..
Shocked + surprised + happy + nervous + anxious etc..
It's about the post promotion application applied in August 2010..
Now, the process will continue with the candidate's validation & interviews..
Through it, I am quite reserved and moderate..
Neither to be exaggerate nor highly hope..
Still preparing the documents required for validation + googling the latest news in town for the interviews..
So, if you both panels happen to read this, watch out!
Because I'll be presenting the best of me next Monday!

# date with the Malaysia 4th Chocolate Festival @ MIVEC this weekend, see you there ;)