Monday, June 1, 2009

Snippet ~ Birthday Surprised

This is an entry after 6 days I turned into 30's..
Well, went to the office as usual on that day (May 28,2009)..
Suddenly I've been surprised by those colleagues @ bestfriends with..

Ribbon cutting (ribbon was made by the 'tali rafia')..susah2 je u all ni la ;-)

Special creation made to my desktop @ workplace (fuhh..creative sungguh la depa ni!!)

Ribbons..ribbons.. and ribbons (tah macamana la dorang ni leh songlap pic time aku study dulu)

A box of chocolate candy (I thought it was just a dummy box at 1st!!)

Three of HACKS candy (meaning that I am 30 now!! Huh!!)
Thank u so much guys..
Love u so much!!
Thanks to A.J Team as well..
*It was a memorable birthday surprised and gifts that I'm not gonna forget until when..when..


Lily.Lulu said...

hey !!
happy 30th birthday !!
may Allah bless you always and forever

cheers !!

marlborolite said...

thank u mrs.moly!!