Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Snippet - Special Birthday Edition

It's May 27, 2009

Means that I am stepping my foot into the world of 30 years old now..
(if beli cake dah jimat lilin x payah letak banyak2, letak 3 batang besar je and nak lagi besh kalau cake tu adalah choc molten + angka 30 ni still lagi ada dalam mana2 calendar termasuklah calendar Islam, Cina, India, Omputeh dan tak ketinggalan calendar KUDA okeh!!)

Happy Birthday to ME..
Happy Birthday to ME..
Happy Birthday to ME..
Happy Birthday to ME!!

There were ups and downs in my entire life since for the past 29 years ago..
And not to mentioned, love (do I have 1 before,huh?..hahaha..whatever!!)
It seems so 'fresh' and memorable till I just cant put aside every single thing of it..
I had thru it with happiness + sadness..
But, life must goes on no matter what I am dealing or facing it with now..

Anyway, it's my day today ;-)

To my MOM & DAD;
Thank u so much for everything that u've done to me all this while..
Please forgive me for whatever things that I did to both of u in such of any way..
I promise to be a good son + fulfill ur dreams by pursuing my Masters and PhD before I turn into 40!!

To my BRO'S;
Thou we are not really closed-bond to each other, all I want u to know that I do care and love u guys so much and am so proud of being ur eldest even if u guys DONT!!

Always be my shoulder to cry on..
Up till now, u guys are such a great and wonderful friends I've ever had and will always be remembered..
Friend in_eed is a friend in_eed..

To my GOD;
Thank u so much for giving me the 30th year of opportunity to let me see and explore the beautiful creatures of the world..
Thank u so much for giving me a family (MOM + DAD + BRO'S) and FRIENDS to chill and share my life with..
Thank u for everything ALLAH..
Expecting more goods silverlining to come..

*Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku memohon kepadaMu :: panjangkanlah usiaku + sihatkanlah tubuh badanku + murahkanlah rezekiku agar aku mendapat setahun lagi peluang untuk beribadat kepadaMu, beramal + berbakti kepada kedua ibubapaku serta memperbaiki kelemahan diriku sebelum aku dihisab di akhirat kelak..AMIN


akubintangbiasa said...

happy birthday to u...

marlborolite said...

akubintangbiasa ~ thank u ;-)