Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday Snippet

Wokeup early at 1030 am..
Nothing much to do today..
No specific plan or xtvts..
Mum didnt cook for today :-(
Just forgotten it's a wedding reception of our neighbor's son (well, his dad used to be my BM teacher back in high,memang la kena attend!! hahaha)

Went upstairs and took a long time as usual in the bathroom (showering + shaving ONLY!! other thing ok!! wekeke)..
Put on G2000 casual white shirt (cause it seems so HOT today) + Levi's jeans + Nike white sneackers (Just Do what Nike said)..

And here we are at the reception..

*Managed to be sitted at the VVIP table area ;-)
*Hmm..A simple yet cozy table setting (they paid for the catering services, of course!!)

*A set of lunch!! (these are the only dishes that I know:- Rendang + Dalcha + Paceri Nenas + Lemon yang color putih tu I tak tau apa nama dia, infact I tak makan pun) Simply took this pic to avoid Q's from that white blue and dark brown aunties..Hmm,so when is your turn then?? :-P (dalam hati nak je jawab :- aunties tolong siapkan duit hantaran + reception @ KLCC + honeymoon package, then baru I kahwin ok!!..eeeii, semak betul la..that's why la I malas sangat nak pi rumah orang kahwin ni!!)

*While they were gossips each other (my mum not included!!) I enjoyed myself with Nasi Minyak + Rendang Daging + Dalcha + Paceri Nenas accompanied by the view of a few HOT chicks walking around..hehehe!!

*Finished!! The taste was so-so..nothing's special about it (that's why I tak tambah!!)

*Door Gift

During afternoon..
At about 3.oo pm..
Decided to do my work but with a different environment and scenery and mood..
So, went to my favorite Starbucks @ Pusat Bandar Damansara with my BABYCOOPER + lappy..
*See the lappy screen??..Glory..Glory ManUnited!!

*Ordered a small Ice Chocolate + warm water

Back home at 8.00 pm..


Ms BlogHopper said...

hahaha..hihihi..huhuhu..i wouldn't even consider thinking anything funny when u..u know..the long shower..uhuk..uhuk..aduh..can't stop grinning.ngeee~
but it's always good to make things clear..just in case..:p

marlborolite said...

caught u up thinking negatively about the shower..
sometimes ppl can even think of double meaning..
u know what am saying rite?

Ms BlogHopper said...

nO!nO!nO!hahaha..i wasn't thinking of anything fishy lah..not till i read those in brackets.i'm just an innocent gurl maa(l.o.l. at myself!!!yea rite..!)
ehem..psstt..psstt..sO..single huh?!taken already or not?tell me la..promise won't tell anyone.wahaha..;p

marlborolite said...

yeah rite!! :-P

whatever it is..
ONLY God knows..

single or not is not the point..
the point is..
"diri sandri pun x tbela, camne nak bela anak org!!"


Ms BlogHopper said...

Oo0..ingatkan sebab lom puas bermanja ngan mak.hehe..

naahh..i do understand those who spend abnormally longer period in shower..used to have that kind of friend..she spends the least of 20 mins for doing God-knows-what in there..i don't think she's doing any extraordinary activities.sure she's got her own business to deal yeah of course..i know what u mean.with closed :)