Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturday Madness!!

Nothing much to do :-(

Wokeup early to perform Subuh prayer..

Can't even sleep again, so decided to finish up my outstanding project paper as it due this coming May 10, 2009..

Can't even solve the UNCOMPILE coding of PHP Programming..

Called a few IT specialist in town which I knew for quite sometimes to give a hand on me..

Setup the time and place to meet..

Took a long shower (OITTT..not doing that thing yeah!!) hahaha..

Picked a PADINI round t-shirt + PADINI bermuda (sponsored huh???)..

Splashed on my favourite POLO DOUBLE BLACK..

Grabbed my BLUE BABYCOOPER key..

Drove myself to Pavilion (latest favourite place to hang out)..

Suddenly crossed by the TGIF..

Get in there..

Ordered a glass of Coke + a bowl of mushroom soup with few slices of wheat bread..

Switched on the lappy..

Waiting for a bunch of friends to come (stucked in the traffic jammed just infront of Pavilion!!!)..

They showed up after a couple of hours..

We met and discussed about my Web Programming Project (which I HATE sometimes especially when it comes to ERROR during COMPILE)..

End at about 10 pm..

We drove to Bukit Ampang to enjoy the nite view of KL while chit chatting about all of things most probably..

Laughing + Smiling + Fools each other around before went back home at 2am..

*a glass of Coke accompanied by a few bottles of spices

*a tissue paper close-up

Wokeup at 9.45 am on Sunday..


I'm too little too late now..

Gotta rush out to Hulu Langat..

See ya!!

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