Sunday, May 17, 2009


There's a lot of things happened this entire week..
Until I found myself fatigue and can't even take it anymore..
I'm not sure where to start thou..

I was getting myself BUSY preparing / updating / editing and documenting the final working paper which was due on Thursday (lucky me cause I managed to meet the dateline)..
Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly as scheduled..
The final touch up (burn it into DataCD ~ which was taking me 2 days to burn cause of the CD itself!! Sighhh!!)..
Sent the papers for proper binding (1 day period) which cost me RM62!! (Mahal nak MAMPOS!!! ~ nasib baik la tengah desperate time tuh, have to make myself SMILE at that nyonya, if not dah lama dah kena MAKI!!)..

On Friday afternoon, there were a called up meeting conducted by the director for those selected names in the email sent a few days ago..
Everyone was so wonder what was the agenda is all about..
Until the director himself announced it..
What was it anyway,huh?..
I was so shocked eventhough heard about the rumors before but this time it was so real..
Just couldn't stop myself to thank God for giving me this GOOD news..
But whatever it is, CONGRATULATIONS to all the receipients of the award..
Perhaps it will makes us more motivated and dedicated in our future prospect of career..

It was Saturday..
Wokeup early to pick up the papers from that nyonya..
After that, I drove myself to Malacca meeting up with those lovely nieces and nephews for a sun surf @ A' Farmosa Resort..
They enjoyed themselves playing and swimming at the lagoon while me getting busy marking up the students' coursework nearby the beach..
Up till the evening, I brought them for a dinner @ McD's Dataran Pahlawan..
It was so chaos with each and every of them took a long long time to decide which McValue set do they preferred..
As uncle, I was just standing there in front of the counter smiling like kerang busyuk to the beautiful cashier while waiting for them to place the order..
Finished at about 2000pm..
Cruising around the town before sending them back home and call the nite off..
It was so called "Uncle's Day out"..

It's the day where I have to submit the working papers..
Set an appointment with the supervisor..
And ended up the final meeting and discussion with a deep breathe this afternoon..
Having makan-makan at the stadium while chitchatting with the other stooges..
Finally, after 5 months of efforts on working out the papers and the programming software, it was end a few hours ago..

#ooppss! was Teacher's Day on May 16 rite?..Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers in the world!! Thank you so much for all your thoughts that really makes me a man nowadays!!

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