Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celcom Broadband!!

Celcom Broadband FAILED to perform well lastnite..
Making me so MAD + BORED + a little CRAZY..
Just looking at the screen while waiting for the signal to react..
Still 0 kbps until a couple of hours..

Switched off the lappy..
Went downstairs to watch tv..

CSI Vegas + Miami @ #701

Until suddenly I found myself get into the DARK world..


* it's been a while I didnt follow up with those series until I found out Lawrence Fishburn stars in CSI Vegas (play as the CSI 1 Officer) but where's Grissom?


Ms BlogHopper said...

haih..tell me about it..annoying kan celcom nih.crap!crap!crap!:p
any ways..Grissom's out for good already..heard the's been a while..didn't manage to watch how that actually happened though..

marlborolite said...

it happened sometimes ;p
thanks for the info anyway..
wonder maybe he left after the worst scene involving his gf i guess :-D