Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

Am getting better from headaches + sneezy + coughs (thou there's still some sort of stubborn stuff inside waiting for the weather hit by the drought flown away!!)
Thanks for the prayers..
Told ya it was so awesome over the last weekend..
Bestfriend of mine was getting married..
Had this kinda boys day out with those guys..
Here's the story of My Bestfriend's Wedding (not even related to the movie played by Richard Gere & Julia Roberts yeah!!)..
Event took place at Kg. Londang, Masjid Tanah, Malacca on June 7, 2009..
We were there huhu haha hehe from 1pm up till 330pm before heading towards the Malacca town (again after June 1 & 2 trip??!!) for an unplanned boys day out (entry will be up soon)..

banner on top of the canopy (cool huh?!..)

Azizul Izham & Asmahani (just married!!)

boys from floa_adventure (wonder where were the others??!!)

girls from floa_adventure ( it nora standing on very right side??)
That's the end of Zul's bachelorrette..
We were really happy for both of u..
Happy Newly Weds to Azizul Izham & Asmahani..
Wishing u guys all the best..
Enjoy ur marriage life..
May u guys live happily ever after..
*well..we used to be known as THE THREE STOOGES (me + fz + zul) amongst colleagues and we still, when ONE of the stooges found his soulmate the other TWO stooges might zoom up the next step, PERHAPS!! hahahaha..


Lily.Lulu said...

congrats to ur best buddy !!

bila lagi ur turn yeh ?
hehe ~

marlborolite said...

my turn??
Only GOD knows ;-)