Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Outstation ~ Malacca Trip

Assigned to Malacca for an official event..
Took place on June 1 until June 2, 2009 (2 days 1 nite)..
Previous week was looking and google up those hotels for accomodation but too bad most of them were FULLY BOOKED!! (ter'forgot' plak time ni school holidays..hampess!!)..
Finally, with a helped from a kindness friend..
We managed to check-in at MITC Ancasa Hotel..

hotel entrance @ nite
MITC Ancasa Hotel located in the MSC compound of Ayer Keroh (free wireless connection not to mentioned)..
Surrounded by the giant MYDIN Hypermarket + MITC Convention Center + UTEM and other few of government agencies building..
Suitable area for the medium class business to have a nite stop..
After all, standard room just cost u about RM115 nett including breakfast (if only u are entitled for the corporate rate)..
In terms of facilities provided..
Hmm..SUCKS!! (no bathtub + no lounge + no swimming pool + no gym)..
But thinking back of the 2 days 1 nite stay, we just moved along with it (in fact, we just damn need a place to shower + clothes changing + most of all SLEEP, rite??)..
After checked-in..
Straight away drove to the hall where the event took place for a full rehearsal..
Back to the room in the late afternoon..
Hungry like hell (just had butterscotch bread with nescafe earlier for breakfast)..
Decided to have soupy stuff like that for dinner that nite..
Called up a friend a.k.a our tourist guide and asked her to fulfill our desires of meals..
She then took us to SUP UTARA restaurant just about 10 minutes from the hotel..
And I ordered these for my dinner..

nasi putih + telur masin + sambal belacan accompanied by timun (I mintak nasi kosong je, tuptup yang mai tu dia..dorang cakap memang kat situ nasi kosong serve dengan benda2 tu)

chicken soup (dah macam kuah soto pun ada gak, my friend cakap tak sedap tapi I balun je sebab lapar..hahaha)

After dinner..
Went to Malacca town for cruising..
Dropby at the Pesta Sungai Melaka nearby the river (just after the roundabout of Stadhyust building)..
Nothing much there (singing by the unknown performing arts team + a few stalls macam kat downtown + kereta lembu + VW's classic showroom)

the blue unta from malacca

taken from one of the modified VW cabriolet

She sent us back to the hotel at 11pm (event will start at 8am next morning)..
Got up early for subuh prayer + shower..
Well dressed by Padini + confident by Polo Double Black EDT..
Down to the elevator for breakfast before shot off to the hall where the event took place..

white bread + baked beans + sausages

Managed to be in the hall before 8am..
Event started late at about 9am..
Too bad..
No cameras were allowed to bring into the hall (they were hired the official cameramen instead)..
Ended up at 1230pm..
Lunch provided before we went off..

face of a bored man in the middle of sunny day
Back to the hotel..
Checked-out at 230pm..
Drove back home while accompanied by the Flyfm..
#thank u to MOHE for the appreciation award given ;-)


Ms BlogHopper said...

Congrats on the APC.hard works do pay,doesn't it?:)

Ms BlogHopper said...

o crap..mind my happens sometimes..(^,^)

marlborolite said...

tq Ms.B..
same goes 2u2!! :-P