Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boys Day Out!!

Happened after the wedding @ Kg. Londang, Malacca last weekend..
A friend decided to go to Ayer Keroh for a 'lepak2' @ 1 of our old friend's restaurante back in univ..
Since we were in the same car, so I said 'why not?'..
Then invite the other boys to join us too..

During 'lepak2' while talking about our next coming project 'juta2'..suddenly we decided to cruise Malacca town searching for chihuahua and best places to snap on since 1 of the boys just got the Canon IXUS 90..ohh,btw the restaurante located in the Kota Fesyen area nearby MITC (just had a glass of ice nescafe + roti telur ~ not bad laa!!)

And here we are @ the entrance monument of the Eye on Malaysia, Malacca (luckily it wasn't that much crowd thou it was weekend + school holidays) suddenly it reminds me of the Eye on London which quite almost the same we had in here ;-)

Everyone was amazed by the giant eye (me??..huhu,still thinking of getting on it or not..GAYAT mehh!!) fyi, ticket sold @ RM10 if only u showed up the MyKad or else u gonna pay double!!

Wekeke..I did it!!..Got into the gondola and guess what?? It'll brings u up till 5 rounds (worth it la kan dah bayar RM10!!) AND thank God it wasn't too much sway that evening, so we managed to view Malacca town but too bad, sunset view was so shy to show up :-(

Done..walking out thru the tunnel with a lot of face expressions (me??..still can smile coz it wasn't that scary as the cabel car's in Langkawi or Genting Highlands or even in London as well thou both located by the riverside)

We planned to view the Menara Taming Sari after that but there were a lot of people mostly coz of the school holidays again, so we just walked thru the Dataran Pahlawan across the road to the Mahkota Parade's outside carparks where the 100 PLUS team organised the wall climbing challenge..
Spent about 1/2 an hour before everyone's get hungry..
We drove to Pantai Klebang for a dinner and got back home around 12.00 am..
*thank u so much guys for the unplanned so called boys day out..really had a great time thou tomorrow I went late to work..hahaha (macam tak biasa plak!!),where's next? GENTING?BUKIT TINGGI?


xplorer said...

best ke eye of malacca tu?

marlborolite said...

it was in tasik titiwangsa b4 moved to malacca..
just like the 1 in england called Eye on London if u've been there b4..
or else, sama je lebih krg mcm kat funfare,tp yang ni kira high class skit sbb gondola ada aircond ;-)
u should try it 1st then lemme know best ke x okeh??