Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to Nature!!

It's been quite awhile since I was in the silent mode from blogging..
Busy with those final exam's results + analysis + reports + courses..
Now, I have to get myself prepared physically + mentally for the next challenge..
Packing up things and stuffs..
Today, I'll be back to nature where everything's look green and peace..
Will be out of town..
Will be out of home..
Will be out of people that I loved..
And most of all..
Will be out of internet connection..
Be back on Friday!!

Deuter Act Lite Haversack (bought it last year @ Lot10 which cost me RM400!! - brand + quality concious punye pasal la nih!!)


Personal grooming

Clothes (this is the way to pack your clothes in order to gain more luggage space - kasi gulung itu semua baju + track bottom)

Things packed in the haversack - ready to go!!
By the way..
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my beloved dad..
Thank u so much for everything that u've done to me..
Thank u for ur such wonderful showering love..
Thank u for the money u had spent for my studies..
Thank u for the thoughts u gave me all this while..
Thou we are not so closed, I wanna let u know that deep in my heart, I love u so much and proud to be ur son..
Perhaps u'll be happy and living with lots of wonderful memories created..
God blessed u dad!!
*Happy Father's Day to all fathers in the world


xplorer said...

ko nak pegi mana?camping ke?

★ whoaamello ★ said...

Have a good trip (:

Ms BlogHopper said...

aaa..seems like someone decided to stay longer in the nature..nature la sangat..vroOmm vrOomm kat luor pagor..ekekeke..peace!:p