Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Snippet

Had a great moment over the weekend..
There's a lot of things to share with..
Bestfriend's wedding & boys day out..
But, right now..
Am fighting over the sneezy nose + headaches + cough..
Not really in a good condition to snip in here..
Wait till I get better yeah ;-)


★ whoaamello ★ said...

Get well soon (:

Ms BlogHopper said...

A question came to my mind out of the blue and has got nothing to do with any of your posts here but still I insist to get a piece of your you agree that not-good-looking people are luckier than good-looking people when it comes to love matter?as for org2 cantek/ensem;well..they are loved for their looks(mostly) but on the other hand their counterpart;the org2 kurang cantek/ensem are loved for who they really's that sound to you? it fair for the good-looking people to be 'punished' just because they're good-looking?(not that I'm good-looking.hell nO!just wondering..hmm..hmm..)
Then I came to a funnily bizarre conclusion;feel blessed if we're a little uglier than pretty and feel sorry for those cute faces.uhuks!wowOw0..this happened to be longer than I thought it would be.may this not worsen your illness.get a good rest will ya.until then..daa~

marlborolite said...

getting better now ;-)

now u really make me wanna think huh??..
well, for me it depends on personal perception about it..
sounds very subjective rite??..
as for the world nowadays yeah good looks + smart + wealthy are the most important assets that everyone needs..

but, GOD is fair..
He'll make sure that every of His single creature will find the match regardless of how do they look like..

Ms BlogHopper said...'s all the matter of finding true love,that is.

"Beauty attracts attention..Personality attracts hearts"

Thanks for responding.:)

marlborolite said...


there's another quote says that

'Beauty is a curse!!!'

Lily.Lulu said...

get well soon encik marlboro
jangan isap rokok banyak sangat

marlborolite said...

tq for the reminder mrs.moly ;-)