Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to Nature!!

It's been quite awhile since I was in the silent mode from blogging..
Busy with those final exam's results + analysis + reports + courses..
Now, I have to get myself prepared physically + mentally for the next challenge..
Packing up things and stuffs..
Today, I'll be back to nature where everything's look green and peace..
Will be out of town..
Will be out of home..
Will be out of people that I loved..
And most of all..
Will be out of internet connection..
Be back on Friday!!

Deuter Act Lite Haversack (bought it last year @ Lot10 which cost me RM400!! - brand + quality concious punye pasal la nih!!)


Personal grooming

Clothes (this is the way to pack your clothes in order to gain more luggage space - kasi gulung itu semua baju + track bottom)

Things packed in the haversack - ready to go!!
By the way..
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my beloved dad..
Thank u so much for everything that u've done to me..
Thank u for ur such wonderful showering love..
Thank u for the money u had spent for my studies..
Thank u for the thoughts u gave me all this while..
Thou we are not so closed, I wanna let u know that deep in my heart, I love u so much and proud to be ur son..
Perhaps u'll be happy and living with lots of wonderful memories created..
God blessed u dad!!
*Happy Father's Day to all fathers in the world

Sunday, June 14, 2009

30th Snippet ~ I Know You Want Me

I Know You Want Me

It's Mr. 305 checkin' in for the remix,
You know that S 75 Street Brazil?
Well this year gon be called Calle Ocho,

Que ola cata, Que ola omega
And this how we gon do it

I know you want me (want me)
You know I want cha (want cha)
I know you want me
You know I want cha (want cha)
I know you want me (want me)
You know I want cha (want cha)
I know you want me
You know I want cha (want cha)


6 to tha clock, on my way to the top uh,
Pit got it locked from brews to the locker,
All I.P uh, big and packer,
That he's not, but damn he's hot,
Label fly but Pit wont stop,
Got her in the car, quit playin' with his (Como?)
Watch him make a movie like Alba Hitch Hock, ha Enjoy Me

I know you want me (want me)
You know I want cha (want cha)
I know you want me
You know I want cha (want cha)
I know you want me (want me)
You know I want cha (want cha)
I know you want me
You know I want cha (want cha)


Mami got an ass like a donkey, with a monkey,
Look like King Kong, welcome to the crib,
305 that's what it is,
With a woman down ya s*** don't play games,
They up the chain, and they let her do everythang and anythang, hit tha thang
And they love it gettin' it in, gettin' on,
All night long (Dale)

I know you want me (want me)
You know I want cha (want cha)
I know you want me
You know I want cha (want cha)
I know you want me (want me)
You know I want cha (want cha)
I know you want me
You know I want cha (want cha)


Baby you can get it, if you win it we can play,
Baby I got cribs, I got condos we can stay,
Even got a king size matress we can lay,
Baby I don't care, I don't care, what they say

I know you want me (want me)
You know I want cha (want cha)
I know you want me
You know I want cha (want cha)
I know you want me (want me)
You know I want cha (want cha)
I know you want me
You know I want cha (want cha)


Rumba (Si)
Ella quiere su Rumba (Como?)
Rumba (Si)
Ella quiere su Rumba (Como?)

Si es verdad que tu ere guapa,
Yo te voy a poner gozar
Tu tiene la boca grande
Dale ponte a jugar (Como)


*since this is the 30th entry when I start blogging at the age of 30, so here we are..I present u with a song..a cool song by Pitbull (seriously cant help myself enjoyed listening to it lastnite when I was in Zouk celebrating a farewell of our friends, Farid + Zalia for Australia and USA in pursuing their very own PhD) best of luck guys!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boys Day Out!!

Happened after the wedding @ Kg. Londang, Malacca last weekend..
A friend decided to go to Ayer Keroh for a 'lepak2' @ 1 of our old friend's restaurante back in univ..
Since we were in the same car, so I said 'why not?'..
Then invite the other boys to join us too..

During 'lepak2' while talking about our next coming project 'juta2'..suddenly we decided to cruise Malacca town searching for chihuahua and best places to snap on since 1 of the boys just got the Canon IXUS 90..ohh,btw the restaurante located in the Kota Fesyen area nearby MITC (just had a glass of ice nescafe + roti telur ~ not bad laa!!)

And here we are @ the entrance monument of the Eye on Malaysia, Malacca (luckily it wasn't that much crowd thou it was weekend + school holidays) suddenly it reminds me of the Eye on London which quite almost the same we had in here ;-)

Everyone was amazed by the giant eye (me??..huhu,still thinking of getting on it or not..GAYAT mehh!!) fyi, ticket sold @ RM10 if only u showed up the MyKad or else u gonna pay double!!

Wekeke..I did it!!..Got into the gondola and guess what?? It'll brings u up till 5 rounds (worth it la kan dah bayar RM10!!) AND thank God it wasn't too much sway that evening, so we managed to view Malacca town but too bad, sunset view was so shy to show up :-(

Done..walking out thru the tunnel with a lot of face expressions (me??..still can smile coz it wasn't that scary as the cabel car's in Langkawi or Genting Highlands or even in London as well thou both located by the riverside)

We planned to view the Menara Taming Sari after that but there were a lot of people mostly coz of the school holidays again, so we just walked thru the Dataran Pahlawan across the road to the Mahkota Parade's outside carparks where the 100 PLUS team organised the wall climbing challenge..
Spent about 1/2 an hour before everyone's get hungry..
We drove to Pantai Klebang for a dinner and got back home around 12.00 am..
*thank u so much guys for the unplanned so called boys day out..really had a great time thou tomorrow I went late to work..hahaha (macam tak biasa plak!!),where's next? GENTING?BUKIT TINGGI?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

Am getting better from headaches + sneezy + coughs (thou there's still some sort of stubborn stuff inside waiting for the weather hit by the drought flown away!!)
Thanks for the prayers..
Told ya it was so awesome over the last weekend..
Bestfriend of mine was getting married..
Had this kinda boys day out with those guys..
Here's the story of My Bestfriend's Wedding (not even related to the movie played by Richard Gere & Julia Roberts yeah!!)..
Event took place at Kg. Londang, Masjid Tanah, Malacca on June 7, 2009..
We were there huhu haha hehe from 1pm up till 330pm before heading towards the Malacca town (again after June 1 & 2 trip??!!) for an unplanned boys day out (entry will be up soon)..

banner on top of the canopy (cool huh?!..)

Azizul Izham & Asmahani (just married!!)

boys from floa_adventure (wonder where were the others??!!)

girls from floa_adventure ( it nora standing on very right side??)
That's the end of Zul's bachelorrette..
We were really happy for both of u..
Happy Newly Weds to Azizul Izham & Asmahani..
Wishing u guys all the best..
Enjoy ur marriage life..
May u guys live happily ever after..
*well..we used to be known as THE THREE STOOGES (me + fz + zul) amongst colleagues and we still, when ONE of the stooges found his soulmate the other TWO stooges might zoom up the next step, PERHAPS!! hahahaha..

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Snippet

Had a great moment over the weekend..
There's a lot of things to share with..
Bestfriend's wedding & boys day out..
But, right now..
Am fighting over the sneezy nose + headaches + cough..
Not really in a good condition to snip in here..
Wait till I get better yeah ;-)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Outstation ~ Malacca Trip

Assigned to Malacca for an official event..
Took place on June 1 until June 2, 2009 (2 days 1 nite)..
Previous week was looking and google up those hotels for accomodation but too bad most of them were FULLY BOOKED!! (ter'forgot' plak time ni school holidays..hampess!!)..
Finally, with a helped from a kindness friend..
We managed to check-in at MITC Ancasa Hotel..

hotel entrance @ nite
MITC Ancasa Hotel located in the MSC compound of Ayer Keroh (free wireless connection not to mentioned)..
Surrounded by the giant MYDIN Hypermarket + MITC Convention Center + UTEM and other few of government agencies building..
Suitable area for the medium class business to have a nite stop..
After all, standard room just cost u about RM115 nett including breakfast (if only u are entitled for the corporate rate)..
In terms of facilities provided..
Hmm..SUCKS!! (no bathtub + no lounge + no swimming pool + no gym)..
But thinking back of the 2 days 1 nite stay, we just moved along with it (in fact, we just damn need a place to shower + clothes changing + most of all SLEEP, rite??)..
After checked-in..
Straight away drove to the hall where the event took place for a full rehearsal..
Back to the room in the late afternoon..
Hungry like hell (just had butterscotch bread with nescafe earlier for breakfast)..
Decided to have soupy stuff like that for dinner that nite..
Called up a friend a.k.a our tourist guide and asked her to fulfill our desires of meals..
She then took us to SUP UTARA restaurant just about 10 minutes from the hotel..
And I ordered these for my dinner..

nasi putih + telur masin + sambal belacan accompanied by timun (I mintak nasi kosong je, tuptup yang mai tu dia..dorang cakap memang kat situ nasi kosong serve dengan benda2 tu)

chicken soup (dah macam kuah soto pun ada gak, my friend cakap tak sedap tapi I balun je sebab lapar..hahaha)

After dinner..
Went to Malacca town for cruising..
Dropby at the Pesta Sungai Melaka nearby the river (just after the roundabout of Stadhyust building)..
Nothing much there (singing by the unknown performing arts team + a few stalls macam kat downtown + kereta lembu + VW's classic showroom)

the blue unta from malacca

taken from one of the modified VW cabriolet

She sent us back to the hotel at 11pm (event will start at 8am next morning)..
Got up early for subuh prayer + shower..
Well dressed by Padini + confident by Polo Double Black EDT..
Down to the elevator for breakfast before shot off to the hall where the event took place..

white bread + baked beans + sausages

Managed to be in the hall before 8am..
Event started late at about 9am..
Too bad..
No cameras were allowed to bring into the hall (they were hired the official cameramen instead)..
Ended up at 1230pm..
Lunch provided before we went off..

face of a bored man in the middle of sunny day
Back to the hotel..
Checked-out at 230pm..
Drove back home while accompanied by the Flyfm..
#thank u to MOHE for the appreciation award given ;-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Live telecast from MITC Malacca..
Out for an event until 2moro..
Will update later..

Keep in touch yeah!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Snippet ~ Birthday Surprised

This is an entry after 6 days I turned into 30's..
Well, went to the office as usual on that day (May 28,2009)..
Suddenly I've been surprised by those colleagues @ bestfriends with..

Ribbon cutting (ribbon was made by the 'tali rafia')..susah2 je u all ni la ;-)

Special creation made to my desktop @ workplace (fuhh..creative sungguh la depa ni!!)

Ribbons..ribbons.. and ribbons (tah macamana la dorang ni leh songlap pic time aku study dulu)

A box of chocolate candy (I thought it was just a dummy box at 1st!!)

Three of HACKS candy (meaning that I am 30 now!! Huh!!)
Thank u so much guys..
Love u so much!!
Thanks to A.J Team as well..
*It was a memorable birthday surprised and gifts that I'm not gonna forget until when..when..