Sunday, October 25, 2009


A short weekend but seems like a long long way to the end..
Saturday :-
  • went to KLIA & fetched the delegation from KCH to attend the wedding reception of Zack + Farra
  • as the bestman of the brides, I'd been assigned to entertain the delegates while they're here - checked them in @ Holiday Inn Suites, detailed brief about the reception flow & accomodate them with some stuffs here and there (seems pretty hectic job to do but enjoyed it in the end..hahaha!)
  • getting ready to drive the brides to the reception @ Dewan Merak Kayangan, together with Dania, the maid of honor (nasib baik cunn!! wekeke)
  • everything went smoothly on that glittering shimmering glowing nite until I had this jaw ache affected by a non stop smiley :-)
  • to Zack + Farra, May u both live happily ever after!

* arrgghhh!! x sempat nak amik pics during the nite :-( busy mengipas pengantin yang x panas langsung!! cehh..

Sunday :-

  • Is engagement day and once again, I had to be there for him, sigh!
  • nothing much as it was happened just like other typical engagement event but he was so damn happy like just getting married, hampess!
  • to Is & his fiancee (apa tah nama minah karen tu, gue lupa dah!!), ermm..Happy Engagement Day, bleh? Hahaha!!

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