Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's pretty tiring + hectic + chaos day I've been through..
  • being distracted by a lady driver who drove her Viva (Vavi) by using gear 1 all the way out from a T junction I guess, it was SO slow (as the standard speed limit stated 70 km/h) until I had to HONK her for a few seconds to make her realize, but what did I get later? a junky SMILE of her pretending that she has done nothing wrong on the road! ~ oitt!! cant u read the speed limit stated on the signboard beside the road?
  • distracted AGAIN while having bfst by a Prof. Dr. Bla..Bla..Bla.. sitting on our table and asked a mercy request which we clearly cant fulfill it! ~ argghhh, I'm hungry! talk to u later ok!
  • done with documentation & filings for the IA request but unfortunately, HOD was not around to sign a few of IMPORTANT papers! ~ sigh! where are u boss?
  • hanging on with the other officers in a HOT SUNNY SUNSHINE just to welcome the Minister for a special gathering with academicians who seems to be arrived VERY LATE from scheduled! poor time management! ~ duhh! fyi Datuk Seri, we do really have alot more works that precisely needs to be attend to rather than wasting time standing here waiting for ur LATE ATTENDANCE!

Those happened today had given me a morale value that I need to be stressed on :-

  • please obey the speed limit but DO NOT be too generous to step on less press to ur accelaration pedal of the car as it will make people behind irritated..
  • please do more research and observation before asking any IMPOSSIBLE mercy that is so obviously overrule the work's ethic..
  • aiyarrkk!! please leave a note at ur door or let ur PA knows where u can be reach..
  • no matter how busy or how well known respectful we are, there will be nothing left to salute if we failed to manage time properly..

*just expressing on what I felt + saw + observed..

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