Friday, October 9, 2009


Friday has come again!
I'm off from work today..
Made an appointment @ 0850am with the service centre to give a routine treatments to my beloved babycooper..
Arrived safely around 0830am..
Checked-in and consultation..
While waiting, I managed to update status & uploaded some mobile photos into my FB's account..
Finished @ 0950am..
Next, renewing the premium insurance + road tax..
Done within less than an hour!
Went to the banks for debts payment then :-(
Well, basically looking forward to spend the weekend..
Tonite is gonna be a gathering party with Erin + Hubby + a few other friends @ The Loft (just a small party before both Erin + Hubby flying back to Melbourne!)
Too bad, Is cant make it tonite (oncall!) :-(
Tomorrow morning will be @ PJ again (MPL Superlite Paintball Tournament!)
Later in the evening, accompany dear to her friend's Eid open house @ Nilai..
Saturday nite & Sunday?
Still unschedule yet!
* Trying my best to seize the weekend & may I have a blast! Happy Weekend everyone!

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