Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's been nearly a week after the vacation..
I'd released all the burden + probs + stuffs back away in KCH & SIN..
Now, all I wanna do is trying my best to start all over again..
With new spirit + new life (perhaps!)..
I dont wanna think about the past anymore, not even once!
GTH with all that craps!
All that happened makes me realized how's life is all about..
As a human + God's servant, I'm always pray for the best in life thou the bad & worst will comes along the way..
Help me thru these massive life!
Help me to face on things that I dont call upon..
Help me to learn how to appreciate life very well..
Help me!
* twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what u are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky (apa daa..!!)

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