Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Snippet ~ 50th post entry

Hello fellow bloggers & marlboroliters!
It has been quite awhile since the Eid Mubarak wishes entry..

And now, here it comes..

The 50th post entry of the blog ;-)

Not so much to tell in here anyway..

Dunno where to start..

Eid celebration :-
  • Performed Solat Sunat Aidilfitri, gathered with the whole family members and started to ask forgiveness from dearest parents.
  • Bfst with ketupat + lemang + kuah lodeh + kuah kacang + beef rendang with hot nescafe.
  • Heading towards dad's hometown in Kuala Pilah until late evening, then JB to mom's hometown.
  • Happy moment - glad to meet with relatives from all over the world!
  • Unhappy moment - everyone was asking the same cliche of Q's which I really dont have the answer to it, only God knows and as a matter of fact, I am not desperado!
  • 3rd of Eid - driving back home (started working on 4th of Eid!), massived traffic jemmed here and there but still enjoyed the nite driving, it was so cool and relaxing.
  • 6th of Eid - attended a junior cousin bro's engagement @ Malacca, and again matchmaking scene for me created by those aunts & uncles using their powerful words was so unsuccessful! ahh come on! enough of it!
  • 1st weekend of Eid - Johorean teams attacked my parents place for Eid gathering.

Last weekend :-

  • 1st week of working after Eid - everyone was so excited yet still in the mood of it (but not for me & please dont ask me why because I dont have the answer as well!)
  • Keeping busy by updating those filings & documentation for an Internal Audit.
  • Friday - attended the Motorist's Safety Campaign held by JKJR and PDRM, launched by the Deputy Minister of Transport (free 500 helmets had been given away)
  • Weekend - Paintball Superlite Tournament @ PJ, opened houses @ uncle's place (Damansara), pals's places (Ampang, Setiawangsa, Mont Kiara & Shah Alam)
  • Sunday - with Is went to Ikea and bought 4 units of display cabinet + aromatherapy candles + 2 glasses of pasta's container + toilettries mirrors.

This week :-

  • Internal Audit - updating documentation and filings.
  • Welcoming the Deputy Prime Minister + Minister of MOHE + MB for a visit and dialog sessions with those academicians and students.

* I am blunt! God, help me with this!

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