Sunday, October 10, 2010

Snippet on 10.10.10

When the clock is still ticking, wheather realised it or not, it has been quite a few month since I'd put aside for awhile this site of snippet..
And the utmost of it, thank God cause I'm still alive..
There were nothing much happened during the 'silent mode' of me..
I've been keep on focusing on a few new projects recently..
Going out here and there..
Doing in these and that..
For what?
Due to the promotion upgrade requirements!
Though it makes me a little burnout sometimes..
And to make it worst, grey hairs grows gently more than the black!!

I have to look back on the things that I've been set up before..
Master Programme study has to be postponed, perhaps until next year..
Social and sports zones are having ups and downs..
Family matters come and go without any signs of it..
Having confront with conflicts and issues amongst colleagues + friends which I need to take care of..
Meeting new peeps with several types of genders + ages + backgrounds + preferences + behaviours taught me to be more appreciative on what I have now..
But no matter how it goes, life should be more realistic + optimist ;)

On the other hand, I'm truly happy for everyone's around me..
The newly weds Loko & Latifah + Julia & Zaidi ;)
Though I couldn't be there to share the happiness, always pray the best ever after for both of you..

My turn?

# happy newly weds to the 1st Malaysian astronaut too ;)

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