Sunday, October 10, 2010


In the middle of getting peeps to understand the situation..
It's not like that I don't wanna commit..
It's not like that I don't want it..
It's not like that I don't want a happy ending..
It's not like that I'm rejecting..
I have a lot of things to cater..
I have a lot of dreams to achieve..
I have a lot of matters that needs to solve..
Deep inside..
I don't wanna cry anymore..
I don't wanna feel sad anymore..
I don't wanna be left behind anymore..
I don't wanna be ignored anymore..
Everyone is having the same thing that mentioned above..
But for me..
Are you the one?
Just a matter of time..
Yes, it just a matter of time!

# it just crossed over my mind, and I planned to share it in here ;) nothing much!


Alice in Wonderland said...

best wishes....may all your dreams come true....try 2 let loose a bit...but don't stop living ur life...i know wen d time comes, d person is is d 1....everythg will go smoothly....aminnn..... :)

marlborolite said...

thank you, alice..
till then, just go with the flow..
miracles are unexpected, rite? ;)

Alice in Wonderland said... is full of can b a sweet dream n a nitemare at d same's our call, rite? :)

marlborolite said...

and always pray for the best to come ;)

Alice in Wonderland said...

so true....2 Him we pray n hope..... :)