Thursday, October 14, 2010


Attended a Final Project Day..
A panel to evaluate project paper works' & prototype..
There were lots of new creative inventions of engineering made out by them..
Though most of it were not really meet the standard of requirements..
Still, more rooms of improvement can be made..
Felt a little pissed off + sarcastic + frustrated + mad + fed up + turned off!
As we're trying harder to become one of the best..
As we're leading towards a new era of transformations..
As we're struggling to produce more creative inventors..
There is a few of peeps who claimed themselves as a group inventors..
Came up with a few simple designs & useless paper works..
Looking to be just a WINNER instead of being a part of the team to help developing the invention to the utmost challenges in the engineering industry..
Whereas, to tell them the truth is they are not qualified AT ALL to become a group of so called the creative inventors if they themselves:-
  • worked out on a very simple engineering design which was not meet the standard of study level
  • came up with unformatted & irrelevant paper works without any research studies + correct methods + proper presentation
  • didn't have any preparations to convince those panel of investors
  • didn't have any ability of self esteem & mostly self confident
  • couldn't take critisms in a positive way to improvise
  • always condemns others' & claims they're the best (W.T.F!!)
To those peeps..
Lemme tell you this & please do bare in your stupid moron useless brains!
Your piece of work here were so not really interested & impressed to the investors..
Not even related to the creative engineering transformations..
To be selected for patent filing with the IPO? NO WAY!
So, please..
Do not ever looked down & proudly state the other designs were crappy & useless comparing to yours..
Though you can't value the commercial potentials yet the panels did, and they're an expertists!
More over, they WON!
You'll always be such a 3rd class LOSER narrow minded peeps of inventors if you didn't changed..
Grow up & wake up with something that is really in the engineering field & be clean as competitors..

# enough with those morons who thought they were such a great inventors! sick & tired :|

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