Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's weekend again..
Friday nite was awesome + full of surprises at Putrajaya!
Celebrating the birthday girl of FLOA who turns into 25 with candles to blow off on top of the chocolate indulgence!
Everyone's having a great time with their loved one (some of them, I guess!) while others couldn't stop laughing & chitchatting!
Saturday nite with Cairie headed towards Pavilion!
We spent most of the time upon dinner while having a plate of bruchetta by Michael Angelo's before decided to go for a movie and guess what? It's Sex & The City 2 followed by Predators!
Ended up the nite watching WCup game of URU vs GER at TGIF and again, my prediction was just as what as Paul the Octopus did!
Thanks buddy and I owed you this time!
Sunday and I have a few things to do!
Picking up some stuffs ordered by Hata all the way from Europe!
Gonna meet up with a few old friends on a glass of soda before watching the final match of WCup early this morning, perhaps TGIF again!
# Happy Belated Birthday to Babiebash Annie, Many Happy Returns & God Bless! FR will be on your next convo!

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Anonymous said...

hi mr marlboro....wen r going 2 update ur blog? been very bz r u? ;)