Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Snippet ~ Ramadan Weekend

1st weekend of Ramadan passed..
Brought the baby cooper to the service center for routine check-up..
Appointment @ 1030 hours..
The mechanics incharge told me that I had to replace those FOUR (4) tyres due to the unsafe condition..
Paid more than RM1k upon check on counter..
Another more expensive treatments she had :-P
Spent the whole weekend with Is & friends..
Breaking fast @ Tupai2..
Planning for our next trip together like we used to be those years back..
Really had a great momento with laughs + joys + fun..
Made myself a chance to window for Eid too..
Jalan TAR + Sogo + Pavilion + Sg. Wang..
Huh, nothing much new (cliche + typical stuffs to offer) as it was just again makes me languorous..
Sunday & Monday..
Public Holidays..
It's Independence Day of Malaysia!!
Laid back home with Is doing some researches for our next BOOM BOOM POW Project!!
Adrenalin's getting as faster as F1 now..
*loves the scented & flavoured home made chicken macaroni soup + garlic bread!! yummy delicious ;-)


pucukpaku07 said...

i really like to read your post bro..
can't wait for the next entry..
unsangkarable.. u got that 'gift'
heheh gift to write...

can't afford to maintain ur baby cooper...sob sob sob, just take it as ur ole-ole for ur baby cooper...
ikhlas bro..takut2 sok bende lain lak kene tuka...takmo tuka tayar...ko beli jer tayar mati hahahha..

jgn marah haaaaaaaa..
happy fasting..

marlborolite said...

toceh..toceh bro!
i'll take it as a compliment then ;-)
for ur info, i did several researches before ended up writing a blog..
and finally, i found out that writing from the bottom of ur heart is more meaningful yet appreciative way to express whatever comes to ur mind..
infact, a little bit learnt from u too ;-)

of course la UNSANGKARABLE bro..
suddenly out of the blue, the baby cooper asked for more than she deserved to, but at the end of the day i knew that she loves me thou!

*bln pose x baik marah2 haa..
smile as if it's gonna blown away ur thirst and hunger while performing the fasting..

tqsm for ur support bro!