Friday, August 21, 2009

Snippet ~ Ramadan

Hi to all bloggers ;-)
Well, it has been quite awhile since the last post entry..
Quite busy yet hectic and stressed out with current workloads etc..
In conjunction with this year Ramadan El-Mubarak..
I am wishing u all the MARLBOROLITERS a Happy Ramadan ;-)
Let us forgive and forget with each other..
May this Ramadan will bring us more good things to come for our better life..
May this Ramadan will unite the Muslims bondage all over the world..
May this Ramadan will shine up the moon and the stars above..
May this Ramadan will bring us prosperity and happiness..
May this Ramadan will make us a better person for our family, relatives & friends, our religion, our country and most probably ourselves!

* take good care of ourselves, grab as much tarawikh nite prayer as we can, be good and may Allah bless us!!

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