Monday, August 10, 2009


A bit pretty hectic last weekend..
Preparing docs + datas required..
Still working on it today instead!!
Need to email him as late as 17:00 hours today..
Saturday ~
Thanksgiving and family gathering @ uncle's place in Nilai Impian..
Glad to meet up and chilled with relatives cousins uncles aunts nieces nephews bibiks etc..
It's been a while since our last meeting a few months ago in Bangi..
Red Box session @ The Garden's that nite until 03:00 hours..
Had a really good time anyway;-)
Sunday ~
Updating files + docs for Monday..
Facebook too!!
Later in the evening, had a discussion meeting with the team for the next Hari Raya runaway/shoot (perhaps there's atleast 1 left for me!)
Sat on a comfy bubbly couch while having 'Just Popiah' @ Tropicana City Mall until 23:00 hours before everyone's decided to make a move then..
*Congrats to my beloved cousin bro who received his Bachelor Degree yesterday @ UPM..U go bro!!..and I know that I owe U a treat later, but lets make it up after your PTD'S yeah!! and by the way, had a great time spent together with someone that I havent met for quite a long time last Friday nite ;-)

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