Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Morning fellow bloggers / bloghoppers ;-)
It seems to be pretty cold weather outside as I was driving to work just now..
And, traffic conjestions built up everywhere everyday every morning as usual..
Listening to the FlyFm Pagi Show with those 3 havocs yet happening announcers..
Today's topic was really grabbed my attention ~ have u ever blew in public?
It was very interesting about Ben's experienced..
Who ever got a chance to listen to it @ 0715 hours this morning might gonna have the same point of view with me, atleast ;-)
It was something that happened in 1 of the restaurant on the top floor of 1 of the fabulous shopping mall in KL..
Well, to cut a long story short..
The morale of the story ~ fellows, PLEASE be ensure the CLEANLINESS + HYGIENE of a place where u plan to dine in especially the staffs are in the TOP condition and satisfy u, or else u gonna suffer more than u expected to be! And this is where u gonna start to blow the tornado out to public as well!
And as for me ~ no matter where I dine, am gonna make sure that every single tiny things of each part of the dining area are totally safe to be, and the person incharge as well..
Or, I might say sorry in advanced if I started to blow out in front of their faces until they get fired! Huh, sounds a bit cruel but for God sake I'm doing it for the purpose of Customer is Always Right!
*based on my very own experienced, I'd been doing it @ Pizza Hut, Subang Parade a few years ago to a RUDE + UGLY + STUPID waiter until I asked the Manager's guarantee to sack him out within 24 hours! Wonder where he works now :-D

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