Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Here's how the story goes..
There's a sweet little princess named Alice who lives not far away from the Wonderland..
She really loves to eat..
Well, I guess everyone does :P
One day, I mean one sweet day..
She was really tempted and craving of eating those sweety indulgence, out of nowhere!
Wanna know what are those?
Strawberry Marshmallow Cheesecake 



So, what she did was expressing her desires towards them with her fellow friends in the Facebook wall..
Well she's kinda up-to-date type of princess that can't be denial ;)
And she keeps on doing it for quite a few days..
The thing is, it happens only when the nite falls!..
Up to the extend, if she didn't able to get them, she'll definitely become Alice the Vampire a.k.a Alice Cullen!
Until this kinda gentleman prince got noticed..
He seems to be pretty much cool about it, though behind the scene he's really enjoying those crazy craving of the princess..
To cut it short, the princess couldn't stand her crazy craving anymore..
She texts the prince and asked him to join her for a dinner..
Just to ensure that she's not gonna turnout to be a vampire when the nite falls..
The prince showed up, and finally made ONE of her crazy craving madness wish of sweety indulgence come true..
Strawberry Marshmallow Cheesecake!
Both had a great time of companionship upon dinner..
Soon, happier is not really a good friend to the prince..
As he knew that, there's another TWO more of princess's crazy craving need to be fulfill soon..
Or else, she'll be totally become a truly vampire!
Till then, the prince could only tell this to the princess.."have a pleasant viewing" ;)

# hmm, wonder how the princess looks like when she turns into a vampire!


Alice in Wonderland said...

OMG! I'm sooo damn speechless... Oooh yesss...there r still a few more of my sweetness cravings yet 2 b fulfilled!!! Ekeke...
Just like dat so-ever-gentleman-in-black-shining-armour...d sweet princess cum d sassy vampire had a really gud time ystrdy n thus she really sleeps like a sleepg beauty dreaming of more sweet indulgence she's gonna enjoy with d prince with blue cooper...life can b a delightful fantasy... >;)

Alice in Wonderland said...

D princess will look like d fun-loving, exciting n hard-headed vamp named Alice Cullen who loves Jasper so much!!!

*can u 2 b my Jasper??? >;)

Marlborolite said...

well, the prince will be so glad to hear it ;-)