Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snippet ~ Latest EDT

Latest collection of mine from Hugo BOSS..
Definitely stunning appearance (never fail to seduce me) + a gorgeous chick (salesgirl at the counter!)..
Purchased the EDT 100ml and get a FREE EDT 40ml plus a deodorant (can't ever beat the smell of Tommy Hilfiger's) and a miniature as well ;-)
What can I say more, when it's worth it!

The Scent?
The energizing top notes of Crisp Apple, are blended with the casual of masculinity of Bubingawood, a rich accord infused through every expression of the fragrance. Exudes relaxed confidence with a genuine warmth.

Top Note
Powerfully uplifting and positive, accords of Crisp Apple and Coriander awaken the senses.

Heart Note
The resinous notes of Frankincense and Szechuan Pepper infuse the blend with a lingering warmth.

Base Note
The soul optimism of Vanilla Bean is rounded out with the rough masculinity of Bubingawood, creating a lasting impression of positivity and liberation.

# simply me! though I don't look similar ever to Orlando Bloom :P


Alice in Wonderland said...

hmm nice, vanilla, cinnamon, orange.....

Marlborolite said...

exactly ;)