Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Let us start the week with something fresh..
Yesterday was a bit chaos..
Meeting with a bunch of people + discussion + resolving matters..
Missed breakfast, but managed to had brunch..
Still coughing while having a few glasses of Coke!
Today, BFF is back to work!
No welcome party instead of a pack of chocolate bars ;-)
Continue with meeting..
Where there's an enthusiasm element into work, here comes the @#%^$ network!
At the end of the day, I just left those files + documents on the workplace desk..
Stepped away and started to go H.O.M.E!
It's my youngest bro's birthday today..
Though he wasn't here to celebrate the day with us, I do hope that he'll be happy with his life & the way he chose now..
Poor parents, they missed him so much especially dad..
Always pray the best for him & future..
How I wish things could be back as where it was before..

# wishing of better tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Happy b'day 2 izzat!!! :)

Anonymous said...

ermm....aunty n uncle....dnt worry!!! no mattter wat....izzat is still ur lil boy n he can't b far frm u 2!!! nothing compares 2 parents' love n warmth.... :)

marlborolite said...

thanks anon ;-)