Friday, June 4, 2010

Snippet :: The Heart Broken

I know that you're busy..
I know that you take this marriage as so important in your life now..
It was like taking a revenge from your passed lover..
Trust me, if you really think that this is gonna work, you're so damn wrong!
And above all, I do know that you don't really have time to hear nor to be with me..
Even on my birthday!
There were too many things that we've done together..
There were too many things that you've done to me which I really appreciated of..
And there were too many things that I've done for you which was so neglected..
Hurts me everytime when we were together..
But still, I can take it..
Come to me when you need it, and left me when you had it..
But still, I can take it..
Tears were like a really closed friend to me..
How fool I am!
Tonite, you are officially belonging to someone..
While I'll be sitting here thinking about what you've said a few days ago..
"Don't you cry for me, but smile whenever you think of me.."
I don't give a damn ears to listen to it anymore..
Just wait and see, how far it'll last..
Deep inside, I'm really crying..
Deep inside, I'm hurt enough..
But for the sake of you, I'll pray the happy marriage..
Love the one who loves you and not the one you loved..
You don't have to think about me like what you always did before..
I'll be just fine soon..
Just a few words for you to think..

It takes a thought to make a word..
It takes some words to make an action..
It takes no time to fall in love..
But it takes you years to know what love it..

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