Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Year 2010 has been going pretty aggresive to me at the early stage
Career :-
MQA's requirement = done!
Programme's Course Online Registration = done!
Staff's Training & Advanced Learning Sector = annually planning still in progress :-(
Environment of workstation = not in a proper condition, messed!
Online Application of Grade Promotion = done & awaiting interview session ;-)
~pheww! I just can't believe it, at the end I am really working :-D
Life :-
Grinning when I'd heard of gossiping amongst colleagues about me DISCREETLY married! = no comment but how come, huh?
Brotherhood bond with younger brothers seems like getting looser & looser lately = I dont have any idea how long it'll be that way + dont wanna think & take it anymore longer, since u guys are growing up men, it means u both have a smart brains to take care of yourselves anyway!
Parents are getting closer & being nicer in such a weird way which I never expected it to be = is there anything 'fishy' behind it?
Well, that 'someone' whom I mentioned in the previous entry = still stood in the same situation & I'm heartless to fix it alone now, so let it be!
Currently, I am enjoying life to the fullest! = shops + movies + jamming + sightseeing all by myself ;-)
Other xtvt's :-

International Paintball Championship end of the week = RSVP confirmed!
M.U.S.E. Live Concert @ S'pore = TBA
Backpacking trip to Australia/Europe = looking for the best quote offers!

# credits to mr. xplorer for your thoughtful advised, really appreciated it bro ;-) praying for more good things to come along this year!

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