Thursday, August 18, 2011


Facts of Ramadhan 2011 :-
  • Alarm clock at 4.30 am, but normally wake up at 5.00 am!
  • Having a plate of heavy meals, next will be cereals + breads / oats for sahur..
  • Will definitely go to bed again after Subuh even just for a while..
  • Less talk + stable emotion during working time..
  • Love to breaking the fast at home daily, rather than going out for the buffet tasting, etc..
  • Daily routine - having a mug of hot nescafe + performing Maghrib + heavy meals of breakfast..
  • Tarawikh prayer - almost every night, Insya Allah..
  • Meals for moreh - McD / murtabak / fried noodles / hot tea..
..and resulted my weight gain drastically!!

# tips : those who wanna do some shop to prepare for the Eid festive, do not going out to the mall during weekend on Ramadhan, it's terribly HOT + CROWDED + MESSED!

1 comment:

Alice in Wonderland said...

Seriously?....u gain weight?....hmm dat's GREAT news!!!! I LOIKE!!!! Ngeee......
.....Ramadhan Reward.....

*Thank You Allah....*